Mirco Coccoli

After a multi-year experience at CERN studying High Energy Physics and efficiency of high-tech industrial production sites, Mirco leaves science to focus on finance. He joins as Investment Manager in well-known players within the industry. Today Mirco is CEO of MPD Partners, a financial service boutique that founded in 2019 MPD SME Capital One (MSCO). MSCO is an investment vehicle focused on investing in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Franco Lillaz

Franco has been working in the automotive industry since 1987; Over the years he has developed different skills working in different business functions including quality, design, product development and industrialization. Since 1999 he has been in charge of the sales function; Currently he is working as head of the sales at Sell-Plast S.r.l.


Andrea Rampini

Andrea has more than 29 years of experience in the vacuum thermoforming industry; Currently he is the Head of Technology at Sell-Plast S.r.l. Andrea deals with product development with particular regard to the efficiency of the production process and the implementation of new technologies.


Luigi Marsaglia

Luigi has been working in the administration, finance and control department for 10 years, first in the trade sector and then in the fashion sector. In the past Luigi worked as Accounting Manager Italy for a world leader company in the food packaging sector; Currently he is working as Head of AFC at Sell-Plast S.r.l.


Chiara Guagnini

Chiara has been working at Sell-Plast S.r.l. since 2017; She has many years of experience in the automotive and thermoforming industry; Currently she is working as Head of Supply Chain and Procurement at Sell-Plast S.r.l.


Leonardo Cimino

Leonardo has been working since 1999 in the automotive industry focusing in the production of interiors and bodywork with vacuum thermoforming technology. Over the years he has developed skills in other technologies such as injection molding and thermocompression; He works as a process technologist and industrializer for products made with vacuum thermoforming, but thanks to his past experiences he is able to manage the industrialization of products made with injection molding, foaming and thermocompression technology; Currently he is the Production Manager at Sell-Plast S.r.l.


Samuele Balma

Samuele has been working in the Quality department for 12 years, where he has held Quality Manager roles in several companies. Samuele is specialized in the automotive industry and in management and design of integrated quality and environment systems. Currently he is working as Quality Engineer at Sell-Plast S.r.l.